PFA Proposed Leadership Slate 2022-2023

                NOTICE OF ELECTIONS                


The 2022 Nominating Committee respectfully submits the following slate of candidates for the election of Officer Positions at the June Meeting of the Parent Faculty Association:


President: Monica Rettker

Treasurer:  Andrea Urban

Secretary/Communications: Jennifer Bleskin

Board Chair: Deborah Sanchez

Board Chair: Katie Mendoza

Board Chair: Trina Prostka

Board Chair: Melanie Roman

Nominations from the floor are welcomed. They will be accepted for consideration and vote by the general membership. Those elected will serve a two year term.


If you have any objections, please email them to


Approval of the following Slate will take place at the June 1st PFA meeting. 


   2021-2022 PFA Board

 The PFA board members have volunteered to provide leadership this year. Give us a shout if you have questions or ideas!




Revised: April 28, 2022. 

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Palos School District 118 PFA is an association of hard-working parents and school faculty working together on behalf of your children.  Every child in District 118 benefits from the various programs and events sponsored by the PFA.  The PFA provides supplementary financial support to each school, to fund many items needed by faculty to enhance the learning experience of every child in our amazing school district.


The Parent Faculty Association (PFA) includes ALL parents/guardians of the children enrolled in district 118 and all members of the faculty and staff.  The purpose of the PFA is to facilitate communication between parents, teachers, and administration; increase parental awareness and involvement in school activities; and to work cooperatively with the faculty and staff to strengthen the Palos 118 Community.